ARRIS 1GHz 3-Input Forward Path RF Amplifier

CHP-GAMP3 1GHz 3-Input Forward Path RF Amplifier

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    ARRIS 1GHz 3-Input Forward Path RF Amplifier

    Opis produktu ARRIS 1GHz 3-Input Forward Path RF Amplifier

    The ARRIS CHP Max5000 1 GHz 3-Input Forward Path RF Amplifier is a hot-swappable module that can be used as a key system component in a headend or hub environment to provide RF signal amplification and narrowcast layering. The innovative 3 RF inputs, 1 broadcast and 2 narrowcast, support layered services such as SDV, VOD, and HSD. This amplifier is designed to provide system operators a low cost way to overcome network losses, with minimal degradation to system performance, caused by combining and splitting networks that are typically found in HFC headends/hubs.

    Up to 10 CHP Max5000 amplifiers can reside in the 2RU CHP Max5000 chassis, with one broadcast RF input, two narrowcast RF inputs, and one RF output connector access on the rear panel. A front panel RF testpoint provides a sample of the RF output, reduced by 20 dB.


    1 GHz single output with forward passband of 50 to 1002 MHz

    The maximum gain for the broadcast (BC) port is 20 dB, the narrowcast (NC) ports are 10 dB

    In-service tunable equalization of the broadcast input within the Craft GUI monitoring system reduces setup time and increases control

    1 broadcast input and 2 narrowcast inputs supports layered narrowcast service implementation, such as SDV, VOD, and HSD

    Superior CNR and distortion performance

    BC port gain adjustable from 14 to 20 dB in 0.25 dB steps via Craft GUI or SNMP

    NC port gain is 13 dB less than BC gain with an adjustment range of ± 3 dB in 0.25 dB steps

    Superior reverse port-to-port isolation enables the combination of multiple narrowcast sources to reduce external signal combining and simplify cable wiring.

    Front-panel RF output testpoint for convenient monitoring

    Low profile footprint allows 10 amplifiers in a shelf

    • 1 GHz technology
    • One broadcast and two narrowcast RF inputs
    • Broadcast and narrowcast gains are GUI adjustable
    • Tunable equalization for broadcast input
    • Reduced signal combining and cable wiring complexity
    • Low profile footprint allows 200 amplifiers in a standard rack

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