Huawei NE05E/08E Series Mid-range Service Routers


Compact, mid-range routers with SDN technology, optimized for resilient L2 networking and cloud services. Built with Huawei’s next-generation Ethernet Network Processor (ENP), large cache, support for IP hard pipes and soft pipes, and simplified O&M.

Provision new services without replacing equipment using microcode programming. Separate data and control planes support virtualization options and provide flexibility for central, unified management at access or aggregation layers.

Energy-efficient, plug-and-play design provides flexible networking options and reliable operation in a range of temperatures from -40ºF to 150ºF (-40ºC to 65ºC).

  • Small size, big bandwidth; support for -40ºC to 65ºC working temperature range, suitable for difficult environments
  • Large buffers, fast error detection and recovery, and use of IP hard pipes technology ensure smooth service experience
  • Innovative ATOM GPS time synchronization solution and built-in PCM card simplify deployment and maintenance
  • Visual interfaces enable one-click service provisioning, real-time service quality and performance monitoring, and custom service reports
  • SDN architecture, VRP software, and Huawei’s proprietary ENP chips provide agile networking for quickly adapting to new services and user requirements
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Forwarding Capacity (IPv4/IPv6) 112 Gbit/s 24 Gbit/s 88 Gbit/s 24 Gbit/s SJ/SK/SL: 12 Gbit/s

SM: 8 Gbit/s

Forwarding Capability (IMIX) NED2CXPB: 37.162 Mpps

NED2CXPE: 47.297 Mpps

17.85 Mpps 37.2 Mpps 17.856 Mpps SJ/SK/SL: 8.688 Mpps

SM: 5.792 Mpps

Interfaces 10 GE/GE/FE, Smart E1/T1, Channelize STM-1, GPON, XDSL, RS232, RS485, FXO, FSO, E&M, and X.21/V.35/X.24, etc. SE: 2 x 10 GE + 16 GE/FE(O) + 8 x GE/FE(E)

SF: 2 x 10 GE + 8 GE/FE(O) + 8 x GE/FE(E) + 2 x 8 E1


SG: 4 x GE/FE(O) + 4 x GE/FE(E) + 4 x GE/FE Combo

SH: 4 x GE/FE(O) + 4 x G

E/FE(E) + 4 x GE/FE Combo + 2 x 8 E1

SI: 4 x GE(O) + 4 x GE/FE(O) + 4 x GE/FE(E)

SN: 4 x GE(O) + 4 x GE/FE(E) + 4 x GE/FE Combo + 16 E1

SJ/SK: 2 x FE/GE(O) + 2 x GE/GE(E) + 2 x FE/GE Combo

Support GPON ONU

SL: 2 x FE/GE(O) + 2 x GE(O) + 2 x FE/GE Combo

SM: 1 x GE/FE(O) + 2 x G

E/FE(E) + 1 x FE/GE Combo

Clock 1588 V2, ACR, E1 line clock, and sync clock
Power COM 131W 35W SE: 49.8W

SF: 52.1W

SG: 27.56W

SH: 30.55W

SI: 35W

SN: 29.5W

Voltage -38.4V to -72V DC

90V to 280V AC

-38.4V to -72V DC

100V to 240V AC

-38.4V to -72V DC

100V to 240V AC

-38.4V to -72V DC

100V to 240V AC

SJ/SL/SM: 90V to 260V AC

SK: -38.4V to -72V DC

Slots 2 MPUs

DC/External AC 6 FICs

Internal AC 4 FICs


2 FICs

0 0 0
Dimensions (H x W x D) 88.9 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm (2U) 44.45 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm (1U) 44.45 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm (1U) 44 mm x 250 mm x 180 mm
Weight 8.42 kg 4.8 kg 3 kg SG/SH: 4 kg

SI: 3 kg

SN: 5.1 kg

SJ/SK: 1.81 kg

SL/SM: 2.7 kg

Operating Temperature -40°C to 65°C -40°C to 65°C -40°C to 65°C SG/SH/SN: -40°C to 65°C

SI: -20°C to 60°C

SJ/SK/SL: -40°C to 65°C

SM: -40°C to 55°C


5% RH to 95% RH, non-condensing


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Huawei NE05E/08E Series Mid-range Service Routers