Conax CI+SmarDTV


The CAP102 manages the initialization, the buffer size exchange protocol, and the commands
exchange between the host and the SmarCAM-3.5 secure module.
The CAP102 provides additional system features for an Access Control module including:

Full DVB Support

TS input Interface

  • Serial or Parallel interface
  • Support up to 96 Mbit/s input streams
  • 5V tolerant input
  • Descrambles up to 32 Elementary Streams (Audio, Video, Data)
  •  DVB-CSA2 ♦ DES/TDES 64 bits key length
  • DES/TDES 192 bits key length
  • AES 128 bits key length
  • 32 Programmable filters for filtering of packets as EMM/ECM/NIT
    Smart Card interface
  • Standard ISO7816/EMV2000 universal interface
  • T=0, T=1 and T=14 asynchronous protocol and synchronous protocol
  • Data transfer from 9600bauds to 115 Kbauds
  • Support Dual SmartCard
    Microprocessor unit
  • Structured around a 32 Bits RISC ARC625 core
  • Running up to 200Mhz
    SDRAM Interface unit
  • Operates at 100MHz – Universal interface
  • 16 bits data, with support to up to 2x64Mbytes SDRAM
    SPI Interface for Flash
  • Support Motorola/TI and National Semiconductor protocols.
  • Operating up to 33Mbit/s
  • 3.3V and 5V tolerant on its inputs
  • BGA packaging of CPU and Flash
  • OTP Flash memory
  • Secure boot loader


  • Full DVB CI: Resource manager, Application Information, CA support (CA_PMT), MMI management, Date and Time
  •  Full CI Plus: – Content Control and Copy Protection, – Device authentication in Basic Service Mode, – Content Control Key Management, – Host Synchronization, – Content Stream Encryption AES
  • Secured Download over the air compliant with Conax Secure Loader specification.



The SmarCAM-3.5 is an electronic card following the PC Card standard and fully compliant with the DVB CI and CI Plus specification. This module combined with an ISO 7816 Smart Card provided by a CA Vendor is able to descramble the Transport Stream, without any support of the Set Top Box/IDTV demux. The complete Transport Stream and miscellaneous Data flow between Set Top Box/IDTV and the CA module are exchanged through the Common Interface.




SmarDTV Platform SmarCAM-3.5
Physical Interface PCMCIA
Flash Memory 4MB
RAM Memory 8MB
SIM card slot (yes or no) No
Conditional Access features
Conditional Access System Conax
CAK version number(s) Contengo
Smart Card protocol T=0
Pairing Yes
Link protection Yes
Host data No
Other features
Multi-stream support No
HD support Yes
Multilingual support Yes
List of languages (default first) Automatic (Default TV language), English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, Chinese, Romanian, Portuguese, Croatian, Serbian
Customized messages Yes
PIN Code management Yes
CIPlus version 1.3
CIv1 compatibility Yes
Software release
SW release date September 16, 16

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