ARRIS CHP Headend Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers

  • High quality amplification over long distances in a space saving design (1, 2, or 3 slot versions in the CHP form factor)
  • EDFAs for single-wavelength 1550nm transmitters available with constant gain (CHP-EDFA-CG) and constant power (CHP-EDFA) modes
  • EDFAs for multi-wavelength 1550 transmitters are specially designed with a constant gain/constant power (CHP-EDFA-PG) mode
  • Universal management through the ARRIS CORView EMS or SNMP with HMS compliant element management

Cable operators are always looking for new subscriber revenue and higher average revenue per subscriber without major CAPEX. ARRIS offers a suite of products and solutions that help operators seamlessly and easily stay in line with future goals, add new services, and strongly position against the competition.

To increase signal transmission distance, CHP Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) offer a scalable optical ampliƒfication solution for applications such as long links, redundant rings, blast and split, and where hub collapse is desired. The CHP EDFA series is designed for use with the CHP CORWave. II multi wavelength 1550 nm transmitters and CHP GMOD high power 1550 nm broadcast transmitters, providing installation flexibility, a low noise figure for high quality amplification over long distances, and an integrated element management capability.

CHP EDFA modules are available in constant gain (CHP-EDFA-CG) and constant power (CHP-EDFA) modes for single wavelength applications and a high input constant gain/ constant power (CHP-EDFA-PG) mode for multiple wavelength applications. Constant gain allows the EDFA to amplify the optical input by a fixed amount regardless of optical input power. Constant power allows the EDFA to provide a consistent optical output power regardless of optical input power.

Integrated monitoring and configuration control is available via the ARRIS CORView EMS system, the GUI Craft interface, or SNMP with HMS compliant element management.

The space saving design of the CHP form factor allows between 60 and 200 EDFAs to be installed in a 40 RU rack (depending upon conƒfiguration) as opposed to a maximum of 40 in the 1RU design. Downtime is minimized with hot-swap capability.

Energy efficient internal components and effective thermal design keep optical components cool to ensure effective, reliable performance.

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ARRIS CHP Headend Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers