Huawei Anti-DDoS1000 DDoS Protection Systems


Huawei’s Anti-DDos1000 protection systems respond within seconds to defend your critical online services against more than 100 types of DDoS attacks. Financial enterprises, government sectors, ICPs, and data centers all depend on Huawei’s DDoS protection system.

Accurate, comprehensive solution ensures service continuity. The system can “learn” more than 60 types of traffic patterns, so you can generate automatic security policies.

Shield your services against organized hackers with Huawei’s AntiDDoS1000 Series DDoS Protection Systems.

  • Attack response within seconds, 5 Gbit/s protection performance
  • V-ISA reputation security mechanism — precise defense against hackers’ botnet attack techniques
  • Simplifies management, provides diversified reports
  • Protects against more than 100 types of DDoS attacks
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Parameters AntiDDoS1520 AntiDDoS1550 AntiDDoS1500-D
Interfaces Fixed interfaces: 4 x GE (RJ45) and 4 x GE (combo); expansion slots: 2 x FIC
Expansion Interfaces 2 x 10 GE (SFP+); 2 x 10 GE (SFP+) and 8 x GE (RJ45); 8 x 1 GE (SFP) and 8 x 1 GE (RJ45)

Bypass card: 4 x 1 GE (RJ45); dual-link LC/UPC multiple-mode optical interface; dual-link LC/UPC single-mode optical interface

Defense Types
Anomaly Filtering Blacklist, HTTP field-based filtering, and TCP/UDP/Other protocol load feature-based filtering
Protocol Vulnerability Defense against IP spoofing, LAND, Fraggle, Smurf, WinNuke, Ping of Death, Tear Drop, IP Option, IP fragment control packet, TCP label validity check, large ICMP control packet, ICMP redirect control packet, and ICMP unreachable control packet attacks
Scanning and Sniffing Attacks Defense against port scanning, address scanning, Tracert control packet, IP Option, IP timestamp, and IP routing record attacks
Transport-layer Attacks Defense against SYN, ACK, SYN-ACK, FIN/RST, TCP fragment, UDP, UDP fragment, and ICMP flood attacks
Application-layer Attacks Defense against forged source DNS query flood, real source DNS query flood, DNS reply flood, DNS cache poisoning, and DNS protocol vulnerability attacks

Defense against HTTP GET/POST flood, CC, HTTP slow header/post, HTTPS flood, SSL DoS/DDoS, TCP connection, Sockstress, TCP retransmission, and TCP null connection attacks

Defense against SIP flood attacks

Zombie/Trojan Horse/Worm Attacks Defense against more than 200 zombies, Trojan horses, and worms such as LOIC, HOIC, Slowloris, Pyloris, HttpDosTool, Slowhttptest, and Thc-ssl-dos


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