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    VIAVI OneExpert ONX

    Opis produktu VIAVI OneExpert ONX

    The OneExpert CATV signal analysis meter platform makes every technician an expert by verifying network performance and making troubleshooting simpler, faster, and more powerful than ever.

    Simple – Every technician is an expert
    • Channel Plans automatically built by the meter
    • Dashboard simplifies and identifies RF issues
    • Expertise is built in – Session Expert™ helps technicians identify issues and fix them
    • Connects to the cloud – quickly and easily – ensuring consistency via StrataSync™

    Fast – Testing and troubleshooting is faster than ever
    • Downstream scan including MER/BER in about 60 seconds
    • Ingress and Downstream testing performed simultaneously
    • 15x more Downstream coverage in half the time of current generation meters

    Powerful – Get the most from your investment
    • DOCSIS 3.1 physical and service performance testing
    • DOCSIS 3.0, 32×8 DOCSIS, Wi-Fi, Ethernet 1Gbps capable
    • Add-on module capable to support future needs
    • Field exchangeable DOCSIS and RF unit reduces cost of ownership
    • Network expansion-ready with dual diplexers to support 42 and 85 or 65 and 85 MHz networks

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