Miernik mocy optycznej GPON/XGPON/10GPON

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    Opis produktu VIAVI OLP-87/87P FTTH


    SmartClass™ Fiber PON Power Meter and Microscope

    The Viavi Solutions OLP-87 is an FTTx/PON power meter for use in qualifying, activating, and troubleshooting B-PON,

    E-PON, G-PON, and next-generation, high-speed 10 G PONs such as XG-PON and 10G-EPON networks. As part of the Viavi Solutions SmartClass Fiber family, the OLP-87 combines a high-performance λ-selective FTTx/PON meter with pass/ fail fiber inspection analysis into one portable solution. These combined capabilities guarantee service providers a lifetime of system performance from their network connectivity and gives contractors an essential tool for delivering best-in- class, reliable networks to their customers.

    The OLP-87 is ideal for end-of-line testing, activation, and maintenance of all FTTx/PON signals. The through-mode capability can simultaneously measure voice, data, and RF video signals on fiber at 1490/1550/1578 nm downstream and 1270/1310 nm burst mode upstream.

    The OLP-87 is compatible with the P5000i digital analysis microscope so users can check fiber end-face quality and get pass/fail acceptance results with one button push. The OLP-87P features an integrated patch-cord microscope (PCM) for added value and improved workflow efficiency.

    Users can easily save test results and generate certification reports to document work quality. Integrating these capabilities into one system drives technician behavior toward implementing today’s best practices in a seamless workflow that optimizes efficiency and reliability so they complete the job right—the first time.

    The handheld OLP-87 can be used anywhere today’s fiber technicians go, up poles or down holes. Technicians get ultimate flexibility and performance from this powerful, easy-to-use solution that can help any technician become an instant fiber expert.


    • First universal PON meter with B-PON, E-PON, G-PON, and new XG-PON/10G-EPON networks test support
    • Field-portable λ-selective PON power meter with through-mode capability
    • Available in 1310/1490 nm, 1310/1490/1550 nm, and 1270/1310/1490/1550/1578 nm versions
    • Burst mode measurement of 1270 nm and 1310 nm upstream signals
    • High-performance broadband power-meter option
    • Automated pass/fail fiber inspection analysis with optional P5000i microscope
    • Integrated patch-cord microscope version
    • On-board fiber inspection and test results storage
    • Data transfer and remote control via USB via USB, Ethernet or optional WiFi connection
    • Smart-Reporter certification software to create customized reports
    • Modern, smartphone-style user interface with touch screen
    • Rugged, weather-proof design

    Miernik OLP-87 jest dedykowany do aktywacji i diagnozowania sieci G- PON, B-PON, E- PON  oraz sieci dostępowych następnych generacji 10G PON takich jak XG-PON i 10G-EPON. W ramach tego urządzenia dostępny jest selektywny pomiar pass-through,  pomiar szerokopasmowy oraz współpraca przez USB z sondą inspekcyjną FBP-P5000i dzięki czemu bezpośrednio na przyrządzie uzyskujemy wynik automatycznej analizy pass/fail w odniesieniu do standardu IEC 61300-3-35.

    Specyfikacja techniczna




    Power Meter

    OLP-87/87P 1310/1490 nmOLP-87/87P 1310/1490/1550 nmOLP-87/87P XG-PON 1270/1310/1490/1550/1578 nm
    B-PON (ITU-T G983.x)nnn
    G-PON (ITU-T G984.x)nnn
    E-PON (IEEE 802.3av)nnn
    XG PON (ITU-T G.987)  n
    10G-EPON (IEEE 802.3av)  n
    RF video signals 1550nm nn
    Broadband power meternOptionOption

    FTTx Mode

    Upstream 1270 nm, burst mode

    Power measurement range  –40 to +13 dBm1
    Maximum permitted input level  +17 dBm
    Spectral passband  1260 to 1280 nm

    Upstream 1310 nm, burst mode

    Power measurement range–40 to +13 dBm1–40 to +13 dBm1–40 to +13 dBm1
    Maximum permitted input level+17 dBm+17 dBm+17 dBm
    Spectral passbandBroadband1260 to 1360 nm1290 to 1330 nm

    Downstream 1490 nm

    Power measurement range–50 to +13 dBm–50 to +13 dBm–50 to +13 dBm
    Maximum permitted input level+15 dBm+15 dBm+15 dBm
    Spectral passbandBroadband1480 to 1500 nm1480 to 1500 nm

    Downstream 1578 nm

    Power measurement range  –50 to +13 dBm
    Maximum permitted input level  +15 dBm
    Spectral passband  1573 to 1583 nm

    RF video signals 1550nm

    Power measurement range –50 to +26 dBm–50 to +26 dBm
    Maximum permitted input level +27 dBm+27 dBm
    Spectral passband 1535 to 1565 nm1535 to 1565 nm
    Pass-through insertion loss<1.5 dB2<1.5 dB2<1.5 dB2
    Power uncertainty±0.5 dB2,3±0.5 dB2,3±0.5 dB2,3
    Calibrated wavelengths FTTx mode1310/1490 nm1310/1490/1550 nm1270/1310/1490/1550/1578 nm

    Broadband Mode

    Optical interfaceon OLT port (SC switchable adapter)Separate port (2.5 mm UPP adapter)

    (1.25 mm UPP optional)

    Separate port (2.5 mm UPP adapter)

    (1.25 mm UPP optional)

    Power measurement range–50 to +13 dBm–50 to +13 dBm–50 to +13 dBm
    Maximum permitted input level+15 dBm+15 dBm+15 dBm
    Power uncertainty±0.5 dB4, 5±0.2 dB (±5%)4, 7±0.2 dB (±5%)4, 7
    Calibrated wavelengths broadband mode1310/1490/1550/1625 nm1310/1490/1550/1625 nm1310/1490/1550/1625 nm
    Wavelength range, settings1260 to 1625 nm in 1 nm steps1260 to 1625 nm in 1 nm steps1260 to 1625 nm in 1 nm steps
    Tone detection270 Hz 1 kHz/2 kHz270 Hz 1 kHz/2 kHz270 Hz 1 kHz/2 kHz
    Auto functions6Auto-λ / Multi-λ functionAuto-λ / Multi-λ functionAuto-λ / Multi-λ function
    1. Burst mode: -35 to +13 dBm
    2. At 23°C ± 3°C, at calibrated wavelengths FTTx mod
    3. At –7 dBm
    4. At 23˚ ±3˚C at all calibrated wavelengths broadband mode
    5. At –7 dBm
    6. With Viavi light sources
    7. At –20 dBm
    8. Valid for APC versions only



    DisplayHigh-contrast 3.5” color LCD with touch-screen functionality
    Display resolution0.01 dBm/0.001 µW
    Measurement unitsdB, dBm, W
    ORL4, 8>60 dB
    Fiber inspectionVia external probe P5000i (option) with individual naming, and via integrated patch cord microscope for OLP-87P versions
    Live image320 x 240 x 8 bit grey, 10 fps
    Threshold sets>1000 configurable threshold sets with individual naming, and via integrated patch cord microscope for OLP-87P versions
    Data memory10.000 measurement results
    Data readoutVia client USB interface
    Remote control capabilityVia USB or Ethernet
    Electrical interfaces2 x USB host, 1x micro USB, Ethernet
    Power sourceAC adaptor, 8x AA alkaline, or rechargeable LiION battery pack (option)
    Optical connectorsSC Switchable Optical Adapter (FC, ST and LC also available)
    Recommended recal. Inte3 years
    Dimensions (H x W x D) OLP-87



    208 x 112 x 64 mm/750 g (8.2 x 4.4 x 2.5 in/1.6 lb)

    208 x 153 x 64/850 g (8.2 x 6.0 x 2.5 in/1.85 lb)

    Operating temperature range–10 to +55°C (14 to 122°F)
    Storage temperature range–20 to +70˚C (–4 to 158°F)

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