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    VIAVI OLP-82/82P

    Opis produktu VIAVI OLP-82/82P

    VIAVI OLP-82/82P

    SmartClass™ fiber power meter and microscope

    The new OLP-82 from Viavi Solutions is the first handheld tool to combine pass/fail fiber inspection and optical power measurement (OPM) into one solution. As part of the new Viavi SmartClass Fiber family, the OLP-82 helps service providers guarantee a lifetime of system performance from their network connectivity and gives contractors an essential tool for delivering best-in-class reliable networks to their customers.

    The OLP-82 is ideal for technicians at any skill level with instant pass/fail acceptance results for both end-face quality and OPM in one button push. The OLP-82 can also save test results and generate certification reports to document work quality. Integrating these capabilities into one system helps the OLP-82 drive technician behavior toward implementing today’s best practices in a seamless workflow that optimizes efficiency and reliability so they complete the job right—the first time.

    The handheld OLP-82 can be used anywhere today’s fiber technicians go, up poles or down holes. Technicians get ultimate flexibility and performance from this powerful, easy-to-use solution that can help any technician become an instant fiber expert.

    Key Benefits

    • Complete jobs faster, correctly, and on time—the first time: Uniquely integrates fiber inspection and test for an efficient, easy-to-use solution that promotes best practices for handling fiber
    • Analysis with pass/fail results on one handheld device: Automatically and easily certifies fiber end-face condition and measures optical power making even new technicians fiber experts
    • Easily generates certification reports: Prove that work quality meets industry standards and customer specifications
    • Use it anywhere: A portable, organized, hands-free carrier for easy use inside homes, at demarcation points, or up on telephone poles and cell towers

    Key Features

    • Field-portable OPM with multiple calibrated wavelengths from 780 to 1625 nm
    • Automated pass/fail analysis for fiber inspection and test
    • Supports both industry-standard and user- definable acceptance criteria
    • Available with integrated PCM
    • Integrated connector certification reports
    • Onboard storage for fiber inspection and test results
    • Connects to a PC via mini-USB to export data and manage acceptance criteria using FiberChekPRO™ software
    • Two USB ports to connect additional devices such as a P5000i microscope
    • Automatic fiber-image centering
    • Modern, smartphone-style user interface with touch screen
    • Rugged, weather-proof design

    Miernik mocy optycznej oraz kamera inspekcyjna z serii SMARTClass

    Specyfikacja techniczna

    General Technical (typical at 25°C)
    Weight 1.2 lb (1.4 lb for PCM version)

    Dimensions (H x W x D)

    OLP-82 20.83 x 11.18 x 6.35 cm (8.2 x 4.4 x 2.5 in)
    OLP-82P 20.83 x 152.4 x 6.35 (8.2 x 60 x 2.5 in)
    Video display 3.5 in color LCD, 4:3 ratio
    Keypad 11+2 dome-buttons membrane panels

    4 LED indicators

    Connector USB 2.0 (2 x host, Type A; 1 x device,


    Power source AC adaptor, battery

    (Alkaline or rechargeable Li ion), USB port

    Run time

    Rechargeable Li ion =


    8 hours
    Alkaline 5 hours
    Power mode Active, Auto-off
    Auto-shutoff time User programmable

    Charge time

    AC adaptor 8 hours
    USB port 16 hours
    Power source USB port
    Certification CE, IEC/EN61326
    Warranty 1 year

    General Technical (typical at 25°C)

    Interface Free space (2.5 mm UPP adapter, 1.25 mm

    UPP optional)

    Power measurement range

    1300/1310 nm

    Standard –50 to +10 dBm
    High power –40 to +23 dBm

    850 nm

    Standard –45 to +10 dBm
    High Power –35 to +23 dBm

    Display range

    Standard –65 to +10 dBm
    High power –50 to +23 dBm

    Maximum permitted input level

    Standard +10 dBm
    High power +23 dBm
    Standard wavelength


    850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 nm
    Intrinsic uncertainty1 ±0.20 dB (±5%)
    Linearity2 ±0.06 dB (–50 to +5 dBm)
    Wavelength range 780 to 1650 nm
    1. Under the following reference conditions: –20 dBm (CW), 1300 nm ± 1 nm, 23°C ± 3K, 45 to 75% humidity, 9 to 50 μm fiber.
    2. –5 to +45°C

    Wavelength and modulation

    Result display dBm, dB, MW
    Resolution 0.01 dB
    Calibrated wavelengths 850, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625
    Wavelength settings 780 to 1650 in 1 nm steps
    780 to 1650 in 1 nm steps 270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz
    Auto lambda Yes

    Video display

    General Technical (typical at 25°C)

    Live image 320 x 240 x 8 bit gray, 10 fps
    Light source Blue LED, 100,000+ hour life
    Lighting technique Coaxial

    Low-magnification  field-of-view (FOV)

    Horizontal 740 μm
    Vertical 550 μm

    High-magnification field of view (FOV)

    Horizontal 370 μm
    Vertical 275 μm

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