VIAVI OLA-54/55/55M

Regulowany tłumik optyczny

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    VIAVI OLA-54/55/55M

    Opis produktu VIAVI OLA-54/55/55M

    VIAVI SmartClass™ OLA-54 and OLA-55

    Optical Level Attenuator

    JDSU SmartClass optical handhelds go beyond the basics

    With more than 100,000 optical handhelds already in use, JDSU continues the success story with the SmartClass optical handhelds. The SmartClass help yournetwork move to the next level of performance. JDSU SmartClass optical handhelds encompass a new, intelligent, and next level product line for testing all optical signals and systems, including broadband, PONs, and Gigabit Ethernet.

    All of SmartClass optical handhelds provide:

    • An extended number of calibration wavelengths for the highest performance range in the
    • The intuitive graphical user interface for fast, easy, and straightforward
    • The intelligent power supply management •
    • The belt bag for safe and hands-free operation and transport
    • Traceable measurements to international standards for confidence in
    • A robust, shock-proof, and splash-proof design for field operation
    • Quick start operation, requiring no warm-up time and reducing testing

    The SmartClass OLA-54 (optical level attenuator) is designed for multimode fiber systems (50/125 μm fiber).

    The SmartClass OLA-55 (optical level attenuator) is a future-proof instrument for system testing, installation, maintenance, and production of single-mode fibers. Due to minimized differential group delay (DGD), the OLA-55 is also suitable for 40 Gbps systems.

    Key features

    • 50/125 μm multimode fiber design (SmartClass OLA-54)
    • Ready for 40 Gbps systems (SmartClass OLA-55)
    • New optical design allowing for low minimum insertion loss
    • Wheel for precise and fast manual setting
    • Absolute and relative attenuation setting
    • FTTx ready

    Przenośne optyczne tłumiki regulowane VIAVI OLA-54/55/55M

    Specyfikacja techniczna

    SmartClass OLA-54

    BN 2280/41 Multimode

    SmartClass OLA-55

    BN 2280/01 Single-mode

    BN 2280/21 Single-mode APC

    Adjustable wavelength range 750 to 1350 nm in 1 nm increments 1260 to 1650 nm in 1 nm increments
    Fiber type 50/125 µm 9/125 µm
    Calibrated wavelengths   850 nm, 1300 nm 1310 nm, 1550 nm, 1625 nm
    Display range(1) <2.5 to 55 dB 2.0 to 60 dB
    Minimum insertion loss(1) <2.5 dB <2.0 dB
    Linearity ± 0.2 ± 0.2
    Repeatability of attenuation setting(2) ± 0.1 dB ± 0.1 dB
    Total attenuation accuracy(1) typ. ± 0.8 dB ± 0.8 dB
    Setting type Continuous over the entire range Continuous over the entire range
    Function Bi-directional Bi-directional
    Displayed value(1) Absolute or relative attenuation value Absolute or relative attenuation value
    Max. permitted level +20 dBm +23 dBm


    General data
    Illuminated graphical display, resolution of 128 × 64 dots.
    Results displayed in dB
    Backlight function switchable via a separate key
    Optical connector interchangeable adapter from BN 2150/00.xx
    range is suitable for measurements on flat or angled physical
    contact systems
    Power supply
    Four dry batteries Mignon/AA, 1.5 V or
    NiMH rechargeable cells Mignon/AA, 1.2 V
    Operating time from dry batteries >300 h
    Batteries/NiCd/NiMH power saving: The instrument switches
    off automatically after ~20 min (function can be disabled)
    AC line operation via separate AC adapter
    Integrated fast battery charging function (2 hours)
    External 12 V DC operating via an AC adapter or a 12 V car
    battery adapter
    Electromagnetic compatibility
    Corresponds to IEC 61326 (CE conformance)
    Suggested calibration interval 3 years
    Ambient temperature
    Nominal range of use −10°C to +55°C
    Storage and transport −40°C to +70°C
    Dimensions and Weight
    W × H × D approximately 95 × 60 × 195 mm
    (3.74 × 2.36 × 7.68 in)
    Weight approximately 500 g (1.1 lb)

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