Miernik HFC VIAVI Seeker D with MCA III

Miernik wycieku sygnału dla sieci HFC

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    Miernik HFC VIAVI Seeker D with MCA III

    Opis produktu Miernik HFC VIAVI Seeker D with MCA III

    Seeker D with MCA III is a GPS-based leakage management and CATV leak detection system with a dual band leakage detector capable of monitoring leakage within the aeronautical band or the near-LTE band in a complete digital system.

    • High Performance, GPS-Based Leakage Management System that Accurately Monitors Leakage in All Digital Systems or Mixed Digital and Analog Systems with Unsurpassed Sensitivity from 2 uV/m to 2000 uV/m
    • Near Real-Time Vehicle Tracking via LAW, Leakage Record Upload and Remote Programming via WiFi, Ethernet, or USB
    • Optional Garmin Interface Provides Turn-by-Turn Directions to Leak Locations and Ability to Close-Out Leaks from Compatible Garmin Navigation Devices
    • Cost Effective Solution Utilizing the Majority of Existing Seeker GPS Installation and Equipment

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