Trilithic Seeker D Lite

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    Trilithic Seeker D Lite

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    The Seeker D Lite is a dual-mode and dual-frequency in-home leakage detector that accurately monitors leakage in all digital systems or in mixed digital and analog systems. The Seeker D Lite works with both the CT-4 Channel Tagger in the headend or the Seeker D Lite Source Transmitter in the field.

    • Dual-Mode & Dual-Frequency In-Home Leakage Detector that Accurately Monitors Leakage in All Digital Systems or Mixed Digital and Analog Systems)
    • Provides a Cost Effective Solution for In- Home Leakage Detection by using Existing CT-4 Channel Taggers Installed in the Headend or by using the Seeker D Lite Source Transmitter
    • When Used with the Seeker D Lite Source Transmitter at the Ground Block, the Seeker D Lite Provides an Industry Leading Sensitivity of 0.1 mV/m for Finding the Smallest of Leaks
    • Detects Leaks at a Low Enough Level to Validate that Transmissions from Cellular Devices in the Home do not Enter the Cable Plant and Cause Potentially Harmful Interference)

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