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    Trilithic Model3 Plus

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    The M3 Plus™ signal level meter is the go-to meter for CATV installations. It features a new and improved color user interface for easy navigation of a wide range of digital and analog channel measurements. This rugged design allows for easy customization, making tests more streamlined and installation and troubleshooting more efficient.

    The meter performs a complete test of all channels in the selected user channel plan to specified limits just by simply pressing one button. It can also be set to automatically perform Level, Spectrum, Tilt (Favorite), Hum, and Limit tests.

    Carrier amplitudes are displayed individually, grouped with up to 12 “favorites”, or in scan mode with five levels of magnification or full channel plan scan. The meter also tests QAM channels, performs Hum measurements, provides data logging, and much more.

    Learned Channel Plans

    If contractors are working in serveral systems with different channel lineups, they can customize their meter withup to five user-defined channel plans. Plans can be automatically learned (from eight base plans) at a cable drop, or downloaded from PC files using the optional ToolBox™ software. The operator can select favorite channels in each user plan to be included in a Favorite/Tilt channel plan.

    Digital Channel Measurement

    The M3 Plus can measure the channel power of QPSK, QAM and COFDM channels when testing or troubleshooting your digital transmission system. MER and pre- and post-BER of QAM channels (including deep interleave) can also be measured through this function. Constellation display comes standard with the M3 Plus. Operators can now quickly analyze 64 and 256 QAM downstream channels to verify quality or locate impairments with the meter, all right out of the box.

    Wide Channel Scans

    The M3 Plus can display up to 126 channels in a single view or a total of 170 channels in overlapping views during Channel scan. Active measurement mode settings can be easily accessed, without the hassles of nested menus. This saves valuable time for the operator by allowing fast changes to be made in the settings while being able to quickly return to measurement mode.

    Level Measurement

    During Level measurements, the option to display the two adjacent channels to the channel being measured is available. Auto Diagnosis can also be turned on to allow the Limit display to give pass/fail results.

    Spectrum Measurement

    In Spectrum mode, the full spectrum or frequency spans from 2.5 MHz to 62.5 MHz can be displayed. The Δ MARKER function is included in Spectrum mode. MAX HOLD captures transient events. The M3 Plus also has an Average display function for Spectrum.


    The Hum measurement function is used to troubleshoot interference that may result from a defective power supply or faulty or overloaded power inserters. This mode includes 60 Hz and 120 Hz (or 50 Hz and 100 Hz) and low pass (1 to 400 Hz) measurements.

    User-Defined Tests

    A significant time and cost savings feature of the Model Three Plus is the capability to group tests into automatic tests that can be executed with a single keystroke. Several Auto-Tests can be stored in the meter and recalled as needed. These may include Level, Tilt, Spectrum, Hum, and Limit tests.

    Limit Tests

    Limit test data allows for test uniformity and flexible field storage, and may be automatically scored against specified limits and assembled into reports. Limits tests can only be performed on analog levels.

    Automated Proof of Performance

    With the simple press of a button, the M3 Plus can perform FCC Part 76 level-related tests including: Visual Carrier Levels, Δ V/A, Max Δ Visual Carrier Levels, and Δ Adjacent Visual Carrier levels. Measurements can be executed immediately or programmed to occur unattended in timed intervals as an FCC 24-hour variation test. The test results can then be compared against FCC limits, or limits set by the user.

    Flexible Data Storage

    The operator can select and save the test data of the level, tilt, spectrum, scan, hum, and limit auto-test measurements and recall them as needed. Scan, Spectrum, and Limit files can be viewed graphically. Any combination of up to 30 Level, Tilt, Spectrum, Hum, or scans, or up to 22 Limit test measurement files may be saved on the M3 Plus. These data records may be uploaded to a PC through the optional ToolBox software for reports, analysis, and printing.

    Extended Battery Life, Fast Charging

    The battery in the M3 Plus provides five hours or more of continuous use between charges. One hour of fast charging from AC or vehicle power provides nearly two hours of extended operation.

    • 5 MHz to 1 GHz Frequency Range
    • Full Scan, Single Channel, and Spectrum Modes
    • Long Term BER
    • Data Logging
    • Digital Signal Measurements: Power, MER, Pre- and Post-FEC BER (Including Deep Interleave)
    • Constellation Display
    • Color LCD

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