Trilithic 9581 SST

Stacyjny analizator kanału zwrotnego

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    Trilithic 9581 SST

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    Capture ingress at the speed of DSP
    The 9581 SST Return Path Analyzer is the centerpiece of the Guardian Return Path Maintenance System, supporting Trilithic field units and supplying monitoring data to local and remote controllers.
    The only DSP-based return path analyzer in the Industry, the 9581 SST is as cost-effective as it is fast and versatile. It can scan the entire ingress spectrum in less than 90 milliseconds (200 times faster than analog instrumentation can), effectively capturing transient ingress bursts that are especially disruptive to telephone and high-speed data services.
    The 9581 SST accepts 16 inputs and covers the reverse spectrum from 0.3 MHz to 65 MHz. Because of DSP, these analyzers are unequaled for detecting ingress bursts occurring at low repetition rates. When set to its fastest scanning mode, the 9581 SST rescans all connected test points 80 times per second, making it virtually impossible for any relevant ingress impulses to escape detection.
    Each return path unit occupies only 2U (3.5”) of rack space and lets the operator view spectrum data directly on a screen, stream data to the 860 DSPi (R3, R4, and R5) and RSVP² (R3 and R4) field units, or output data to a Communications Manager, which manages the transmission of ingress data to remote monitoring controllers. Versatile, Flexible and Scalable

    The 9581 SST analyzer simultaneously supports:

    • Installation tests
    • Distribution sweep and maintenance
    • Return path performance monitoring

    Each 9581 SST can:

    • Support up to 16 individual nodes
    • Support up to 12 distribution techs
    • Support dozens of installers
    • Send traps and live spectrum data to as many as 64 server sites
    • Return Path Analyzer
    • High-speed DSP-based ingress monitoring
    • Align & Troubleshoot reverse path quickly & Easily
    • Supports 860 DSPi (R3, R4 and R5) and RSVP² (R3 and R4) field units
    • Cost effective, scalable

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