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    Trilithic 360 DSP

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    MSOs have learned over the years that by certifying a home at the time of installation, they can significantly reduce repeat service calls. But as Cable Systems continue to adopt more standardized requirements for installations, they have also begun to identify a significant gap in their tech’s toolbox. Installation techs need a meter designed specifically for home certification testing; not a stripped down high-end maintenance level meter.

    Trilithic has responded to that need with the 360 DSP Home Certification Meter; the first purpose built meter tailored specifically for the challenges faced by installers, contractors and service techs. Trilithic took years of input from customers to refine testing applications for maximum speed and efficiency and designed an instrument with the exact features MSOs have been asking for—even including a price point that makes it feasible to outfit their entire fleet.

    360 DSP - The Precision of a Field Analyzer, the Power of a Smart Device
    Everything about this Home Certification meter was designed with the technician in mind; Including an intuitive color touch screen, simple pass/fail indicators, new next-gen autotest apps, excessive battery life, quick charge time and a glow-in-the-dark keypad. This handy meter even comes equipped with a built-in LED flashlight for those dark cramped spaces.

    The Widest Range of Functions in an Installer Meter
    Featuring fast measurements and powerful troubleshooting tools the 360 DSP comes equipped with all the tests an installer needs to measure both Analog and Digital signals and ensure triple play interoperability.

    The 360 DSP features next gen autotest apps and simple color indicators that practically hold a technician’s hand through the certification process. With the convenience of building multiple tests into one autotest function, a complete home certification process can be standardized and controlled

    • Eliminate mistakes
    • Accelerate installation time
    • Reduce repeat truck rolls
    • Decrease operational expenses

    These next gen apps help assure all tests have been properly performed and all areas pass the minimum testing requirements, before the home has been certified and before the tech leaves the premises. Ultimately, making your technicians more efficient, reducing repeat service calls and improving the overall health of your system.

    A Whole New Perspective
    Now you can raise the bar for your technicians without the fear of increasing your bottom line. Enable your techs to do more and without excessive and costly training. Because at the end of the day, you depend on your techs to do a good job, and they will come to depend on the 360 DSP from Trilithic.

    The Living Dashboard
    As part of an integrated system with the new ViewPoint Data management platform, cable operators can see much more of their home certification operations. Simple dashboards provide near real-time reporting and analysis to easily verify quality throughout the entire plant. And the completely configurable reports can even be viewed from virtually anywhere from a smart phone or tablet.
    The potential benefits include identifying techs who need additional training, improving team performance, reducing truck rolls and cutting operating costs could obviously be significant.

    Improve the Overall Health of Your System
    At a higher level, simple system-wide reports can help a Director or VP view the entire operation and gain additional insights about the performance of the field crew. These insights enable them to proactively identify localized problems and high-level system issues so they can make decisions based on a clearer understanding of their overall operational issues and the associated effect on quality of the system.

    Standard Testing Features:

    • Upstream Return Spectrum Analysis (4 to 110 MHz)
    • Level Mode
    • C/N Measurement
    • QAM mode (MER/BER/Constellation)
    • Complete Channel Plan Scan with Tilt Measurement
    • Thru-put, VoIP, Ping, and Trace Route
    • Cable Modem Statistics

    Standard Communication Features:

    • DOCSIS 3.0 modem 8×4 (100/304 MBPS)
    • RJ-45 (10/100MBPS)
    • Wi-Fi “b/g” 2.4 GHz
    • Built-in CM to RJ-45 Mode
    • Set Standards and Streamline Certification

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