Trilithic 1G DSP

Zaawansowany miernik utrzymania sieci HFC nowej generacji

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    Trilithic 1G DSP

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    All-In-One Maintenance Meter
    Trilithic’s 1G DSP™ conveniently combines CATV, Gigabit Ethernet and Optical testing in a single meter for troubleshooting and maintenance of your entire HFC plant.

    Maintaining the health of your plant can now be achieved with one instrument containing everything needed for system wide testing. Eliminate the need for multiple instruments with CATV, Gigabit Ethernet and Optical testing and save capital expenses at the same time.

    Tailored for the challenges faced by maintenance technicians, this meter comes equipped with all of the powerful troubleshooting tools for the experienced tech, yet helps simplify decision making and streamline standard processes and procedures for the more novice tech. This results in more efficient technicians, greater overall system health and allows techs to continue using the same meter as they become more experienced.
    Gigabit Ethernet Testing
    Used in combination with either the MetroNet 5001™ or TLB-GbE™, the 1G DSP can achieve throughput testing speeds of up to 1 GbE using a dedicated test port.

    The 1G DSP can perform either roundtrip or one-way measurements of Key Parameter Index (KPI) for full Ethernet service testing. With constant payload testing for Layer 2 through Layer 4, the 1G DSP is built for verification of both Ethernet Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Quality of Service (QoS) metrics.

    • 1 GbE SFP Optical & Electrical Ethernet Throughput Testing
    • 1310 nm / 1490 nm / 1550 nm Single Mode Optical Power Measurements
    • Verification and Troubleshooting of 802.11 b/g/n (2.4/5 GHz) Wireless Testing
    • 650 nm VFL Source with an Operating Power of 3 mW
    • Large High-Resolution Ultra-Bright Color Touch Screen
    • All-in-One Maintenance and Network Analysis Too

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