Huawei OptiX RTN 300 Microwave Transceivers

Zintegrowana platforma mikrofalowa dla pasma od 13GHz do 86GHz

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    Huawei OptiX RTN 300 Microwave Transceivers

    Opis produktu Huawei OptiX RTN 300 Microwave Transceivers

    • RTN 310 supports maximum bandwidth of 2 Gbit/s, License and SubLink bands for flexible network expansion
    • RTN 380 supports maximum bandwidth of 4 Gbit/s and E band frequencies for short-distance, large-capacity backhaul communications
    • For smaller capacity, RTN 360 supports a maximum bandwidth of 400 Mbit/s and V band, as well as easy, zero-footprint installation
    • Reliable, worry-free operations — network-level, link-level, and equipment-level protections; meets IP65 standards for waterproofing and dustproofing; 8 kA surge protection
    • Simple deployment and maintenance using a USB flash drive key to improve efficiency, and 360-degree automatic scanning to facilitate frequency selection

    Highly integrated, outdoor microwave transmission equipment for building and extending high-availability broadband networks.

    3 models to choose from to meet capacity, channel, and frequency band requirements (E band, V band, and below). OptiX RTN 300 Series transceivers are easy to install and maintain on poles, lamp posts, and walls, easy to maintain, and ruggedized for reliable operation over a broad range of temperatures; -30° to 130° F (-35° to 55° C) — and in harsh operating conditions.

    Specyfikacja techniczna

    Specifications RTN310 RTN360 RTN380
    Frequencies 13/15/18/23/38 GHz 59 GHz to 64 GHz 71 GHz to 86 GHz
    Channel Spaces 7/14/28/56 MHz 200 MHz 62.5/125/250/500/750 MHz
    Modulation QPSK Strong to 2,048 QAM Light 16 QAM QPSK Strong to 64 QAM
    Throughput Maximum of 2 Gbit/s per carrier 400 Mbit/s Maximum of 4 Gbit/s per unit
    Interfaces GE GE GE, CPRI
    USB Interface Ok Ok Ok
    Environment Temperature: -35℃ to +55℃, Relative humidity: 5% to 100%
    Power Supply Supports power over Ethernet:–38.4V to –57.6V DC
    Weight 6 kg 2.5 kg 3.8 kg

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