Anevia Genova Mosaic

View and present your entire channel line-up

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    Anevia Genova Mosaic

    Opis produktu Anevia Genova Mosaic

    • Turn-key software for OTT TV & IPTV
    • Live Transcoding and Packaging
    • Encodes to H.264 and H.265/HEVC
    • Software or Hardware-accelerated encoding
    • Up to 18 HD HEVC or 63 HD H.264 encodings per RU
    • Virtualizable (OpenStack, VMWare)
    • Future-proof, upgradable software
    • “Pay as you grow” licensing

    Genova Mosaic is designed to create a live mosaic page that you can configure according to your specific needs. It can be used as a Live EPG to browse live channels or as a multi-viewer monitoring tool.

    Genova Mosaic ingests multiple live or file video input feeds, decodes them, and re-encodes the output as a single video output.

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