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    Huawei USG6300

    Opis produktu Huawei USG6300

    USG6300 series next-generation firewall provides comprehensive protection in small- to medium-sized enterprise networks. Ideal solution for branch locations.

    Fine-grained, application-layer protection and service acceleration optimize security while maintaining resilient throughput in GE networks.

    Integrated firewall, intrusion prevention, antivirus, and data leak prevention enable high-performance throughput. Identifies 6,000+ applications, analyzing service traffic in six dimensions and automatically generating security policy suggestions to combat threats.

    Protect small- and medium-size networks, infrastructure, applications, and data with Huawei USG6300 Next-Generation Firewalls:

    • Six-dimensional access control, identification of 6,000+ applications, fine-grained service control, and service acceleration
    • Integrates multiple services and provides traditional functions (such as NAT, VPN, IPS, and anti-DDoS) and enhanced functions (such as service awareness, virtualization, and IPv6 security), to significantly reduce TCO
    • Flexible bandwidth management optimizes critical services, improves user experience, and cuts costs
    • Dedicated hardware and software design and high-performance security protection ensure smooth operations
    • Continually updated statistical methods identify and isolate suspicious threats to stay ahead of malicious attacks; dynamically defends against new threat signatures and synchronizes with devices in the network

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