Moduł sterujący HUAWEI H901MPLB

Moduł kontrolny 4x 10GE/GE (SFP+/SFP)

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    Moduł sterujący HUAWEI H901MPLB

    Opis produktu Moduł sterujący HUAWEI H901MPLB

    Supports active/standby switchover
    Supports load sharing mode, doubling
    processing performance
    Supports ISSU, saving the upgrade
    interruption time
    Supports synchronization Ethernet
    Supports 1588v2 and 1588ACR

    Management interfaces
    CON (RJ-45):RS-232 serial port
    ETH (RJ-45): 10/100M Base-T maintenance network port
    ESC (RJ-45): RS-485 monitoring serial port
    USB: Reserved

    Communication Interfaces

    TX0 RX0 to TX3 RX3 (4 x SFP+/SFP 10GE/GE ports)
    Used for upstream transmission or cascading

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