Huawei FusionServer X6800 V1 Data Center Server

Platforma serwerów kasetowych wysokiej gęstości, do ośmiu serwerów kasetowych

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    Huawei FusionServer X6800 V1 Data Center Server

    Opis produktu Huawei FusionServer X6800 V1 Data Center Server

    A next-generation data center server optimized to implement all aspects of business into one solution. This server provides a broad portfolio of server nodes with different specifications to flexibly provide service applications for computing, storage, and I/O resources.
    FusionServer X6800, with an advanced architecture, is designed for various applications such as cloud computing and Big Data, and is the optimal choice for IT infrastructure of a cloud data center.

    • Supports a variety of high-density server nodes in a 4U chassis
    • Allows flexible configuration of compute, storage, and GPU acceleration nodes to meet different service requirements
    • LOM network port supports 2 x GE, 4 x GE, 2 x 10 GE, 2 x GE + 2 x 10 GE, 2 x 10G Base-T or 2 x 56G IB
    • Supports centralized power supply, high-voltage DC, with little internal cabling
    • Reduces system-level power consumption with optimal heat dissipation design, uses a double-faced cellular board, and supports airflow separation between server nodes and PSUs

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