Huawei FusionServer X6000 V1 High-Density Server

Platforma serwerów kasetowych wysokiej gęstości, do czterech serwerów kasetowych

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    Huawei FusionServer X6000 V1 High-Density Server

    Opis produktu Huawei FusionServer X6000 V1 High-Density Server

    Huawei FusionServer X6000 is a high-density server that Huawei developed for the data center scale-out architecture. With an optimized density design, the X6000 improves data center space utilization and investment efficiency, and is ideal for service scenarios such as cloud computing, web applications, and High-Performance Computing (HPC).

    • Provides a computing density twice that of a conventional 1U rack server, significantly maximizing space utilization in the equipment room.
    • Accommodates four compute nodes in a 2U chassis with up to twenty-four 2.5-inch NVMe SSDs.
    • Provides a unified management port for managing the entire chassis and all nodes, enabling easier deployment and maintenance.
    • Adopts a modular design and hot-swappable key components such as hard disks, fan modules, and Power Supply Units (PSUs), greatly improving O&M efficiency.

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