Huawei AR150, AR160, AR200

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    Huawei AR150, AR160, AR200

    Opis produktu Huawei AR150, AR160, AR200

    Huawei AR G3 series enterprise routers (AR G3) are nextgeneration routers dedicated for enterprise customers. The AR G3 all-in-one router series integrates multiple services including; routing, switching, 3G, WLAN, voice, and security functions in one device. Building on over a decade of accumulated knowledge and experience in telecommunications, data communications, wired and wireless networking, Huawei's next-generation AR G3 routers are designed with the unique requirements of the Enterprise in mind. Based on Huawei's proprietary Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), the AR G3 series integrates routing, switching, 3G, WLAN, voice, and security functions in one device, delivered via a multi-core CPU architecture coupled with a non-blocking switching infrastructure. These features combine to deliver industry leading performance and extensibility, meeting customer requirements for a robust, reliable and flexible solution for enterprise-grade network deployments. Due to strict adherence to industry standards, the AR G3 router series are easily integrated into existing networks, accelerating multi-service network deployment while preserving existing network infrastructure investments.

    • 3rd Generation and High Performance
      Multi-core CPU and distributed service processing to double the performance of other products in the industry
      A switching capacity of 160 Gbit/s to ensure non-blocking service operation
      Excellent quality and high reliability
    • 2-mode Network and Flexible Access
      Seamless integration of wired and 3G (wireless) networks
      24-port gigabit Ethernet board card
      Large bandwidth and highly reliable PON access
    • All-in-1 and More Benefits
      Unified office (unified communication, MMS gateway, enterprise switchboard, and antivirus)
      Open Service Platform (OSP) for cooperation with partners
      Unified and mature VRP platform

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