Huawei SSD ES3000 V3 NVMe

Super szybka pamięć z bezpośrednim dostępem do procesora w formie karty PCIe

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    Huawei SSD ES3000 V3 NVMe

    Opis produktu Huawei SSD ES3000 V3 NVMe

    • PCIe 3.0 x 4 Bus interface, NVMe 1.2 standard, U.2 disk and HH-HL card form factors
    • 800 GB to 3.2 TB capacities, up to 3.2 GB/s bandwidth and 800K IOPS
    • Support UEFI bootable and hot-swappable, OS native driver, plug and play
    • Provide Atomic Write, SR-IOV and Multiple Namespace features to optimize the database/virtualization businesses
    • Out-of-band management combined with server BMC to support real-time monitoring of endurance usage, temperature, power consumption,  SMART log, and failure alarms

    The ES3000 V3 series are the 6th generation of Huawei enterprise-grade SSDs with high performance and high reliability. ES3000 SSDs eliminate HDD I/O bottlenecks and significantly improve the service performance of business applications, including database, virtualization, cloud, indexing, ServerSAN, and Big Data; and help customers reduce system TCO.

    Specyfikacja techniczna

    ModelES3500P V3ES3600P V3ES3600C V3
    Form Factor U.2 diskU.2 diskHH-HL card
    Bus Interface4 x PCIe 3.04 x PCIe 3.04 x PCIe 3.0
    NVMe StandardNVMe 1.2NVMe 1.2NVMe 1.2
    Usable Capacity800 GB1.2 TB2.0 TB3.2 TB800 GB1.2 TB1.6 TB2.0 TB3.2 TB800 GB1.2 TB1.6 TB3.2 TB
    Sequential Read Bandwidth2,400 MB/s2,900 MB/s3,100 MB/s2,900 MB/s2,700 MB/s3,100 MB/s3,200 MB/s2,750 MB/s3,100 MB/s2,700 MB/s3,100 MB/s3,200 MB/s3,100 MB/s
    Sequential Write Bandwidth1,000 MB/s1,700 MB/s1,900 MB/s1,800 MB/s1,100 MB/s1,800 MB/s1,950 MB/s1,550 MB/s1,950 MB/s1,100 MB/s1,800 MB/s1,950 MB/s1,950 MB/s

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