Conax CI Neotion

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    Conax CI Neotion

    Opis produktu Conax CI Neotion

    The NEOTION CAM enables Digital TV sets (iDTV) and Set-Top Boxes to decode scrambled TV programs with Conditional Access System CONAX CONTEGOTM

    Secured chipset:
    NEOTION in-house silicon technology
    ARM7TM @126 MHz
    DVB-CSA, AES algorithm supported
    TS process bandwidth : up to 96 Mbps
    Secure upgrade from MPEG transport over the air and DVB-SSU compliant

    Interfacing / Consumption:
    Common Interface slot plugging
    Directly powered by 5V from DVB-CI /CI Plus Host
    PCMCIA Type II size, 46g
    Low consumption: < 600 mW

    DVB Common Interface standard and PCMCIA ISO /IEC EN50221 compliant
    Smart Card: full ISO 7816-3 compliant
    RoHS compliant – directive 2002/95/E
    Operating conditions: from 0°C to +70°C
    Copy Protection standards (CI Plus version only): both AES and DES encryption supported

    Features supported:
    Dual Descrambling
    Multi-languages: up to 20 languages
    All Audio and Video type
    CI Plus 1.2 backward compatible

    Conditional Access System:
    Secure chipset : Conax Level 5 certified
    CAM: Chipset Pairing technology integration Conax Level 4 certified

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