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    Conax Contego™ provides the ultimate protection for your content and revenue, now and in the future. Our latest content protection platform is a sophisticated, fully scalable solution that supports any business model for any TV operation and a multitude of consumer devices.
    Conax has an unmatched record in protecting content and with Conax Contego™ we are setting the standard even higher. Conax Contego™ includes a highly user-friendly interface and an array of new features. Available in four editions, Conax Contego™ delivers unrivalled security for any operation – from traditional broadcasting to the most advanced viewing experience available.


    Security is at the core of everything we do, and we make it user friendly. Conax Contego™ is easy to use, navigate and configure, with an intuitive management system that includes step-by-step wizards, diagnostics, reporting and extensive audit logging. A comprehensive monitoring system checks the state of the installation and the hardware platform, providing detailed statistics so that potential problems can be detected before they become an issue. In addition, the unique Conax Contego™ architecture allows you to add any degree of redundancy by using pre-set solutions or by tailoring the settings to your operation’s requirements.


    Conax Contego™ scales horizontally which means that you can easily increase capacity and performance simply by adding hardware as your operation develops and grows. The open architecture of Conax Contego™ offers easy integration with surrounding systems to enable any business model or distribution technology. It also gives you room to expand your subscriber base or your product range to any level you wish. In addition, our open policy for consumer devices means there is a wide variety of highly secure broadcast and hybrid STBs and CAMs to choose from. Conax Contego™ also makes it easy to secure connected devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, games consoles and connected TVs.


    Whatever your size of operation, there’s a Conax Contego™ edition to fit. Choose the best option for your requirements from our different editions of Conax Contego™ – Lite, Broadcast, Plus or Unite.

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