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    Conax CI SmarDTV

    Opis produktu Conax CI SmarDTV

    The SmarCAM-3.5 is an electronic card following the PC Card standard and fully compliant with the DVB CI and CI Plus specification.
    This module combined with an ISO 7816 Smart Card provided by a CA Vendor is able to descramble the Transport Stream, without any support of the Set Top Box/IDTV demux.
    The complete Transport Stream and miscellaneous Data flow between Set Top Box/IDTV and the CA module are exchanged through the Common Interface.

    The SmarCAM-3.5 secure module needs less than 300mA, while running CA applications and Smart Card dialogs. 

    The power dissipation is reduced to approximately 1.25 W, to be dissipated on one of the metallic surface of the module casing. 

    The module is compliant to CE standards (EN60065&EN60950) and requirements:

    • host functional and ambient temperature: +5 to +40°C
    • maximum ambient temperature around the PC-Card : +50°C


    • 3.5 module durability

    The module is specified for following number of operations:

    • PCMCIA Connector 10 000 cycles
    • Smart Card Connector 10 000 cycles
    • Flash erase/program 10 000 cycles
    • Data Retention time 10 years
    • Expected MTBF 14 000 hours

    Other components are specified to work more than 10 years in the normal temperature range.

    Module production quality

    Each Module is tested at our production facility.

    Module Qualifications and standards approvals
    The product is CE compliant in the B category. 

    All the test specifications are detailed in the following standards:

    •  CEM immunity EN55024:1998
    • CEM emissions EN55022:1997

    Mechanical protection
    The metal housing is made of 0.18mm stainless steal, with a SmarDTV specific shape compliant with the PC-Card standard

    Specyfikacja techniczna

    SmarDTV PlatformSmarCAM-3.5
    Physical InterfacePCMCIA
    Flash Memory4MB
    RAM Memory8MB
    SIM card slot (yes or no)No
    Conditional Access features
    Conditional Access SystemConax
    CAK version number(s)Contengo
    Smart Card protocolT=0
    Link protectionYes
    Host dataNo
    Other features
    Multi-stream supportNo
    HD supportYes
    Multilingual supportYes
    List of languages (default firstAutomatic (Default TV language), English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, Chinese, Romanian, Portuguese, Croatian, Serbian
    Customized messagesYes
    PIN Code managementYes
    CIPlus versionN/A
    CIv1 compatibilityYes
    Software release
    SW release dateJuly 13th, 201

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