Huawei CloudEngine 1800V Virtual Switch

Wirtualny przełącznik (vSwitch) oparty na technologii VXLAN przeznaczony do centrów danych

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    Huawei CloudEngine 1800V Virtual Switch

    Opis produktu Huawei CloudEngine 1800V Virtual Switch

    • Flexibly adaptable to Software-Defined Networking (SDN) architecture: The CE1800V enables Virtual Machine (VM) deployment to be independent from physical network devices. It is able to isolate tenants into different subnets, supporting flexible VM migration across Layer 3.
    • Compatible with multiple mainstream platforms: The CE1800V supports the standard OpenFlow 1.0/1.3 and the OVSDB protocols that serve as a northbound management interface protocol. The CE1800V is able to run on multiple mainstream virtualization platforms.
    • Unified management and control: Through Huawei’s SDN controller and unified network Operations and Maintenance and management tool (eSight), network administrators can centrally manage and control virtual networks in the way physical networks are managed and controlled.

    Huawei CloudEngine 1800V (CE1800V) is a distributed Virtual Switch (vSwitch) designed by Huawei for data center virtualization environments. Supporting an abundance of functionality, the open and easy-to-manage CE1800V is compatible with VMware and Microsoft virtualization platforms, as well as other open-source virtualization platforms.

    Huawei CE1800V can work with Huawei’s CE series hardware switches and Agile Controller to provide a complete network virtualization solution for customers.

    Specyfikacja techniczna

    Item CE1800V
    • OpenFlow1.0
    • OpenFlow1.3
    • OVSDB
    • VXLAN
    • VNI: 30K
    Link LACP LAG
    • IPV4 packet forwarding
    • Encapsulating IPv4 headers in VXLAN headers
    IPV6 IPv6 packet forwarding
    Security Group Security group capability based on IP tables
    Management and Maintenance
    • SPAN
    • RSPAN
    • ERSPAN

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