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    Beenius BeeSmart

    Opis produktu Beenius BeeSmart

    Beesmart is an open and flexible Interactive TV platform for advanced TV services:

    • Best-in-market customization, implementation, and support services
    • Suitable for multiservice environments - IPTV, OTT and Hybrid Cable
    • Provides Multiscreen support and Social TV integration

    Aligned with your market requirements
    Beesmart empowers the uniqueness of every operator by providing a TV platform along with the tools for extensive upgrades and prompt customizations in a cost-effective manner. Through a powerful Beesmart SDK and Open API you can quickly and efficiently expand your product range and services, such as develop your own TV widgets and client applications for various user devices.

    Social TV growth accelerator
    Beesmart accelerates your growth by expanding your subscriber base and increasing your market share. BeeSocial TV integrates the social networks of your subscribers, extending the reach of your message across social media.

    Beenius Support Center
    Beenius team guarantees strong support to ensure smooth deployment and profitable realization of your TV service. The Beenius team today encompasses over 40 experts in the TV services development field who are devoted to reliably supporting all our customers and partners.

    Supported clients & second screen devices

    • Android STB
    • Linux Ekioh STB
    • Samsung Smart TV
    • iOS tablet (iPad) and iOS smartphone (iPhone)
    • Android tablet, and Android smartphone
    • Web portal
    • Multiscreen support

    Enables Interactive TV on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, PCs, and STBs. The operator is able to offer its end-users the comfort of choosing
    the device they like most at the particular moment. Payable content is available for purchase on portable devices as well, thus the operator has more options for generating revenue. End-users can also control their Interactive TV settings, manage recordings or start playout from any device.

    • BeeSocial TV

    Subscribers can stay connected even when enjoying interactive TV. They are able to share on social networks (Facebook and Twitter) that they’re watching a particular show, as well as chat and tweet about a current show directly from their tablets. The features increase user
    satisfaction, boost loyalty to the operator and reduce churn rates. Operators benefit from additional possibilities to advertise their service (i.e. discreet ads in posts and tweets) and from supplementary promotion of payable showrelated services and products (VOD content,
    content-related items, books, etc).

    • BeeStore

    Operators are able to offer attractive free or payable TV widgets to end-users. It is an effective way for operators to increase their revenue.

    • Targeted Advertising

    Ensures additional revenue for the operator through the selling of advertisement space. Ads appear in the form of video clips or as pop-ups.
    Ads are sent only to users selected according to their interests. Several target audiences, various content and different time slots can be defined for each ad.

    • Pay-as-you-grow

    The pay-as-you-grow pricing model allows intelligent and safe investment decisions for TV operators and delivers high value in TV services
    business. It allows Beenius’s customers and partners to optimally finance their development of services at a pace and price they can afford.


    • Android STB supported

    TV users can now enjoy TV services with Beesmart technology on Android set-top boxes. Android STB client allows TV operators a more cost-effective and user friendly TV service. Users can access all applications available for Android platform and enjoy the Connected TV experience.

    • Samsung Smart TV supported

    Subscribers with new models of Samsung Smart TVs won’t need STB devices anymore. Beesmart client is now available as an application on Samsung Smart TVs via Smart Hub. Smart TV client offers all advantages from Beesmart. Application is currently supported on Samsung Smart TV and comes with the new GUI (Chameleon).

    • Chameleon

    Beenius introduces Chameleon, the newly designed user interface, which is a visually appealing and user-friendly GUI, suitable for
    modern and stylish TV subscribers. In addition to improved look and feel, Chameleon introduces the new admin functionality BeeTheme Editor
    for prompt and easy customizations in the hands of TV operators. Just as a chameleon in nature changes its appearance, Beesmart’s Chameleon enables you to change appearances on a Linux Ekioh STB through the new easy admin customization of colors, fonts, icons, and pictures. You can now make your own flavor!

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