Węzeł optyczny ARRIS OM4100, OM41GJ-6A2C5-A2JEHHH2-00

Optical node, 4x4, 4 acive outputs, 1GHz / 65-85MHz

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    Węzeł optyczny ARRIS OM4100, OM41GJ-6A2C5-A2JEHHH2-00

    Opis produktu Węzeł optyczny ARRIS OM4100, OM41GJ-6A2C5-A2JEHHH2-00

    Generate New Revenue Through Increased Capacity

    Cable operators need optimal performance in their network architectures to support expanded service offerings such as HDTV, Video on Demand (VOD), VoIP and high speed data / internet. The ARRIS Opti Max OM4100 1 GHz, 4 output segmentable node uses industry leading technology and design to facilitate full 4 x 4 segmentation in a modular, pay as you grow platform for optical to RF (RF to optical in the upstream) signal conversion.

    Full 4 x 4 segmentation capability in the downstream and upstream path provides the ability to reduce service group sizes by up to 75% for increased capacity and more targeted services, without having to run new trunk fiber or install additional nodes. The optional premium high gain receiver with on board automatic gain control (AGC), coupled with GaN technology, operates at a lower optical input level, allowing nodes to be placed deeper into the network for expanded footprint.

    Protect Network Investment With Modular Expansion

    The OM4100 modular design provides a high level of scalability, which enables operators to deploy minimal configurations today and expand as subscriber demands increase. Expansion options include migration from a 1x4 node to full downstream and upstream 2x2 and 4x4 segmentation. Scalability is achieved simply by adding in additional upstream transmitters and downstream receivers along with simple plug-in segmentation modules.

    The OM4100 supports Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM), Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and CORWave™ multi-wavelength technologies to efficiently use existing fiber architecture and avoid the cost and time of installing additional fiber in the plant.

    • Up to full 4 x 4 downstream and upstream segmentation capability
    • Support for 42/54 MHz , 55/70 MHz , 65/85 MHz , and 85/105 MHz bandwidth splits
    • 1 GHz technology
    • Optional digital upstream transceiver with Small Form Pluggable (SFP)s to support 18 CWDM and 49 DWDM wavelengths for service group aggregation
    • Node specific optical passive design for optical multi wavelength support
    • Supports 1310/1550nm DFB, CWDM, DWDM, and CORWave™ multi wavelength technologies
    • Optional 1310 nm and 1550 nm DFB and 18 CWDM analog upstream transmitters

    Usługi utrzymania systemów V-AID

    Oferta usług utrzymania systemów obejmuje 6 pakietów usług pomocy technicznej VECTOR SOLUTIONS:V-AID Service / EW / NBD / NBD+EW / 24h / 24h+EW.Umożliwiają one wykorzystanie potencjału Firmy VECTOR w zakresie codziennego wsparcia technicznego, rozwiązywania problemów, szybkiego reagowania na problemy krytyczne w sieci oraz utrzymania systemu na najwyższym poziomie wydajności oraz planowania rozwoju sieci.

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