Arris E6000 Router System Module 2

Router System Module 2nd generation

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    Arris E6000 Router System Module 2

    Opis produktu Arris E6000 Router System Module 2

    The RSM-2 increases the internal link switching speed within the E6000 system by providing 80 Gbps full duplex to each client card slot. In addition, the RSM-2 / RPIC-2Q pair has a total of 400 Gbps of Ethernet NSI capacity, which doubles to 800 Gbps when deploying with two RSM-2s in a chassis. Deployment of the RSM-2 enables use of the DCAM-2. With these capabilities, the RSM-2 supports more service groups per chassis with more throughput in each service group. Operators receive significant benefits in terms of operational simplicity, cost savings, and competitive advantages by deploying the RSM-2. The RSM-2 is not compatible with the Gen 1 DCAM or the Gen 1 UCAM.

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