Arris CORView Element Management System for CHP Max

CHP Max5000 Topology, Configuration, Fault and Security Management

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    Arris CORView Element Management System for CHP Max

    Opis produktu Arris CORView Element Management System for CHP Max

    For cable operators looking to enhance the subscriber experience while improving ease of use and trouble free operation, the CORView™ Element Management System allows users secure access for setup, control and monitoring of all CHP Max™ modules and appropriate outside plant products.

    The CORView EMS supports the CHP Max optical transmitters, receivers, EDFAs and other modules. The 3.5 version and higher support 1-way monitoring of Opti Max™ nodes and Trans Max™ hardened field hubs equipped with digital return.

    • Management of up to 75 CHP Max SMMs from a single server with increased scalability in future
    • Distributed client/server application with intuitive, user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    • Remotely launched though standard web browser via Java Web Start technology
    • Software Download feature provides remote and batch upgrade of the CHP Max modules
    • Provides:
      • Topology Management
      • Configuration Management
      • Fault Management
      • Security Management
      • for Inside Plant products and
        Outside Plant products that are
        equipped with digital return

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