ARRIS CHP CORWave®4 Quad Density

1.2 GHz C-Band DWDM modular Forward Transmitters

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    ARRIS CHP CORWave®4 Quad Density

    Opis produktu ARRIS CHP CORWave®4 Quad Density

    The ARRIS CHP CORWave® 4 1.2 GHz Quad Density Forward Transmitter provides significant operational and system benefits. Featuring the highest density among comparable forward transmitters in the industry, the CORWave 4 enables operators to decrease their headend footprint and reduce powering costs. In addition, the CORWave 4’s industry-leading Modular Quad Density, which incorporates four transmitters in a single-wide application host module, allows cable operators to add other application modules for new capacity and new services without increasing their current footprint. The CORWave 4’s superior density also supports a 75% decrease in headend chassis footprint by decreasing the number of physical devices operators need for forward path transmission, providing additional cost and power savings.

    Reduce Complexity and Headend Space

    The CHP CORWave 4 Quad Density is optimized for partial analog with a full compliment of digital channel loading. It will also support a full digital load for the entire RF spectrum. Available with front fiber connections, the CHP CORWave 4 is only compatible with all current CHP chassis. It features four sub-modules that are installed into a CHP single wide host carrier for maximum flexibility of configuration and wavelength combinations. In addition, the CORWave 4 multiwavelength plan allows operators to reclaim fiber by leveraging their existing fiber infrastructures for up to 16 multiplexed C-band wavelengths with a long reach over a single fiber.

    The CORWave 4 also a llows for lower RF input, which requires less amplification in the headend, reducing space and power consumption.

    Add Value to Existing Assets

    Operators with a large base of active CHP Headend Optics Platforms can transition seamlessly to CHP CORWave 4 Quad Density. By doing so, they can deploy new, revenue-generating services, reduce complexity for existing deployments, and transition easily to new CHP installs. For added operational value, operators can monitor CORWave 4 transmitters via the CORView Element Management System, which provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for security, discovery, configuration, and inventory functions.
    The CORWave 4 also adds Internal Electronic Slope Adjustment to compensate for headend combining and cable loss at high frequency, especially when loading moves to 1.2 GHz.

    • Quad Density modular transmitter design
    • 40 transmitters per CHP chassis for 20TX/RU density
    • 1.2 GHz full spectrum supporting DOCSIS® 3.1 upgrades
    • Optimize headend and hub efficiencies with industry leading density and low power consumption
    • Support multiple optical architectures including full spectrum and RFoG
    • Internal Electronic Slope Adjustment to compensate for headend combining and cable loss at high frequencies
    • Configure, monitor, and manage with CORView™ Element Management System

    Specyfikacja techniczna

    Bandwidth (Note 1) 550 to 1002 nm
    Response Flatness, P-V, typ./max. (Notes 2,3) 1.0/2.0 dB
    Response Tilt, max. (Note 2) ± 0.5 dB
    Input Return Loss, min. (Note 2) 16 dB
    Residual Spurs <65 dBc
    Unit-to-Unit Isolation, min. >65 dB
    Common Optical
    Wavelength 1529 nm (ITU channel 61) to 1561 nm (ITU channel 21) Wavelength
    Wavelength Drift 0.15 nm
    Output Power, min./typ./max. 9.75/10.0/10.25 dBm
    Powering <– 157 dBc/Hz
    Power Consumption, max. 17.4 W
    Channel Plan Up to 75 256-QAM channel
    Nominal Total RF Input Power 37 dBmV for 33 digital QAM channel
    Carrier-to-Intermodulation Noise, min. (Note 4) 63 dB
    Bit error Rate (BER), min. (Note 5) 1 x 10 –6
    Link Range (up to 150 km 30km      90 km    1 45 km
    CNR, typ. (Notes 5, 6, 7) 51 dB      44 dB     41 dB
    CTB, typ. (Notes 5, 6) –60 dBc –50 dBc –45 dBc

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