ARRIS CH30000 Double Density Transmitter System

HT3300H Series Double‐Density 1310 nm Transmitter System

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    ARRIS CH30000 Double Density Transmitter System

    Opis produktu ARRIS CH30000 Double Density Transmitter System

    The ARRIS HT3300H Series Double‐Density 1310 nm Transmitter System provides high performance and a high rack density forward path transmission solution for Cable TV service providers.


    The high density packaging design allows up to four (4) HT3300H series 1.2 GHz transmitters plus a CC3008 Communications Control Module to be stacked vertically and contained by the CA3008 module carrier, requiring only two chassis slots of a 3RU chassis. The compact solution supports up to 24 transmitters in a CH3000 chassis, including redundant power supplies.
    When installed in the chassis, the transmitters interface to a “zero‐slot” back plate, providing support for up to four HT3300H series transmitters. The figure below shows a fully loaded carrier mated to the BD31A4 Double‐Density back plate.

    The CC3008 Communications Module installed at the top of a HT3300H series transmitter stack provides the communications interface between the transmitters and the CH3000 mid‐plane bus, allowing complete configuration and management control of the stack, both local and remote.

    ARRIS’s HT3300H Series Double‐Density 1310 nm Transmitters are a key element of ARRIS’ HFC and Fiber Deep architectures. These 1.2 GHz transmitters are the ideal solution for expanding service demands of HDTV, VOD, cable telephony, and high‐speed DOCSIS.

    The HT3300H series transmitters are available with dual RF inputs for combining separate broadcast and narrowcast inputs within the transmitter. These transmitters are ideal for optical transport with link losses ranging from 3 to 15 dB. They include optional Automatic Gain Control circuitry to compensate for variations in the RF input level to the transmitter to maintain constant transmitter RF drive level to the laser.
    The above figure shows a front view of the CA3008 carrier components: a single HT33xxH Double‐Density Transmitter (left); a single CC3008 Communications Module (right), and a fully loaded “stack” (center) providing four (4) HT33xxH transmitters, requiring only 2 vertical slots of a CH3000 chassis. A fully loaded CH3000 chassis supports 24 Double‐Density 1310 nm transmitters and redundant power supplies.
    The compact design minimizes rack space requirements in headends or hubs and enhances deployment of traditional HFC, passive HFC and fiber deep networks.

    • Link loss budgets available from +3 to +15 dB
    • High rack density: 24 transmitters per 3RU chassis, with redundant power supplies
    • 45 ‐ 1218 MHz RF bandwidth
    • Dual RF inputs for BC and NC
    • Optional Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    • Low power consumption
    • Hot plug‐in/out, individually replaceable transmitter modules
    • Front access ‐20 dB input test point
    • Front panel laser On/Off switch
    • Local and remote status monitoring features

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