ARRIS CH3000 Headend Optics Platform

1.2 GHz Platform - Chassis, Power Supplies, and Management Modules

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    ARRIS CH3000 Headend Optics Platform

    Opis produktu ARRIS CH3000 Headend Optics Platform

    The model CH3000 is ARRIS’s advanced mid‐plane, 3RU chassis design, which offers the network operator a platform featuring maximum flexibility, high packaging density and simplicity of operation. The CH3000 is ideal for all types of optical networks, single wavelength, CWDM or DWDM, and for both Analog and Digital transmission techniques.

    The CH3000 incorporates the unique combination of two patented design features, the mid‐plane platform concept and dynamic back plates on all active modules. The mid‐plane provides the DC power bus, the universal communications bus (supporting local and remote SNMP management) and facilitates the installation of modules from either the front or the rear of the chassis.
    Dynamic back plates simplify pre‐wiring of the chassis; module replacement can be accomplished from the front of the chassis without disconnecting/reconnecting cables at the back of the chassis. The combination of mid‐plane platform design and the dynamic back plate feature on all active modules makes the CH3000 the industry’s most flexible, configurable and future‐proof
    platform for traditional HFC, passive HFC and fiber‐to‐the‐home (FTTH) networks.

    The CH3000 also features a very high packaging density design accommodating a wide variety of both active and passive modules.
    Modules, depending on function performed, are either half platform depth or full platform depth and single or dual width. The CH3000 accepts up to 32 half‐depth passive modules or 14 full‐depth active modules and a power supply module or configurations combining the use of both full‐depth and half‐depth modules. The high packaging density and configuration
    flexibility make the CH3000 ideal for both headend and hub applications where rack space is at a premium.

    The CH3000 is available in two configurations: Model CH3000C with top and bottom decorative covers and Model CH3000N without the top and bottom decorative covers. An optional fiber management adapter and fiber routing shelf accessories are also available.

    ARRIS’ products and solutions can help cable operators attain new subscriber revenue and higher average revenue per subscriber without major CAPEX. Cable operators can seamlessly and easily stay in line with future goals, add new services, and strongly position against the competition.

    • 3RU stackable without spacer requirement
    • Mid‐plane supports power and management system
    • All slots are identical: any combination of modules can be installed in any slot
    • Up to 14 active full‐depth modules and one power supply
    • Up to 32 passive half‐depth modules (unpowered chassis)
    • Patented dynamic back plates for true plug and play
    • Supports front and rear module plug‐in
    • Supports remote SNMP management
    • Optional fiber management adapter and fiber routing shelf accessories available

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