Arris C4/C4c CMTS RCM

Moduł kontrolny 10xGE (SFP) + 1x10GE (XFP)

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    Arris C4/C4c CMTS RCM

    Opis produktu Arris C4/C4c CMTS RCM

    The C4® CMTS Router Control Module (RCM) provides edge routing capability and DOCSIS® 3.0 services for the ARRIS C4 Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS). The C4 CMTS is a high-performance, carrier-class DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS for advanced IP services. The C4 CMTS with the RCM is DOCSIS 3.0 Bronze qualified and Euro-DOCSIS 3.0 capable.

    The C4 CMTS with the RCM provides enhanced routing and forwarding, and includes integrated network interfaces for direct connection to a cable operator's IP network. The RCM supports advanced DOCSIS 3.0 services including IPv6 and service flow classification.

    With the introduction of DOCSIS 3.0 technology, the Router Control Module enhances the C4 CMTS forwarding capacity to 25Gbps and adds native support for access control list (ACL) processing and IPv6 forwarding. The forwarding capacity provides the needed throughput required by the increased number of network side and cable side interfaces supported by the DOCSIS 3.0 C4 CMTS.

    The Router Control Module provides ten 1Gbps and one 10Gbps Ethernet interfaces. All interfaces can be active simultaneously. The interfaces accept a variety of electrical and optical modules with SFP pluggable interfaces for the 1Gbps ports and XFP pluggable interfaces for the 10Gbps port. The RCM includes support for multiple sub-interfaces per physical interface and active-active network-side interfaces on both RCMs in the C4 chassis.

    The RCM classifies network side traffic into DOCSIS service flows before the traffic is queued in the switch fabric. This early classification is important for providing DOCSIS Quality of Service (QoS) by ensuring that the fair queuing mechanism of the switch fabric accounts for both DOCSIS and network priorities. In addition this allows the RCM to implement per flow policing. Early policing is also critical for QoS delivery. It ensures that when packets are policed that they are policed as soon as possible thus reducing the traffic burden on all system resources. The RCM implements advanced Congestion Control functionality to manage packet handling under congestion conditions and protocol throttling for a robust subscriber experience.

    There are no changes to the C4 CMTS chassis to support DOCSIS 3.0. The RCM works equally well for new greenfield deployments as well as upgrades to existing deployed systems. In an upgrade scenario, a single slot RCM replaces one Fabric Control Module (FCM) and one Network Access Module (NAM). All FCMs and NAMs in the chassis must be upgraded to RCMs and the system must be running C4 Release 7.0 or higher to support the RCM and DOCSIS 3.0.

    High density

    High bandwidth for DOCSIS 3.0 applications

    Deployable in any C4 CMTS chassis

    Legendary C4 CMTS “hitless” and hot swappable redundancy

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