Complete OBI Elimination HPON Distribution Solution

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    ARRIS AM3200A/AM3217A CWDM

    Opis produktu ARRIS AM3200A/AM3217A CWDM

    The ARRIS AgileMax® is an exciting new breakthrough in RF‐over‐Glass (RFoG) FTTH network technology. Replacing the optical  splitters commonly found in traditional RFoG architectures, next‐generation HPON™ powered by AgileMax optical distribution technology allows operators to completely eliminate Optical Beat Interference (OBI) from their networks - even in networks with multiple, active upstream lasers. By eliminating OBI, operators can significantly expand their networks’ upstream and downstream capacity and data speed without changing back office infrastructure. As a result, AgileMax deployments overcome the cost, scalability, and capacity restrictions that limit RFoG performance, while greatly reducing operational complexity in these networks.

    CWDM Upstream Options for Segmentation
    AgileMax AM3217A units have a dedicated CWDM Return Transmitter that is available in multiple wavelength options. The  transmitter provides a return link back to the headend or hub, enabling several AgileMax modules to share a common return fiber.

    Future‐Proof Current Networks
    As operators migrate to higher‐capacity DOCSIS 3.0 (and eventually DOCSIS 3.1) networks, they will need a way to eliminate OBI without compromising network performance. The ARRIS HPON™ solution powered by AgileMax® meets this need by enabling  DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 network capability, allowing operators to maximize the potential of their fiber infrastructures.

    Long Reach, Large Splits
    The AgileMax solution provides the flexibility to expand optical reach and split ratio, allowing operators to more easily deploy new FTTH networks as needed to support growing customer demand. AgileMax network deployments also can easily achieve twice the reach of traditional RFoG.  By using AgileMax instead of passive splitters, operators can achieve service groups up to 1024 ONUs to  a single headend optical receiver port with absolutely no OBI in the upstream.

    • Eliminates Optical Beat Interference (OBI) from RFoG networks, allowing operators to deploy high capacity, FTTH networks that leverage the DOCSIS® infrastructure
    • Multiple CWDM upstream transmitter wavelength options for re‐transmission to headend or hub
    • Dedicated upstream and downstream ports
    • Enables DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 upstream and downstream network capability
    • Expands network reach and adds capability for higher split ratios in the optical network
    • Compatible with standards‐based 1550/1610 nm RFoG deployments, integrating seamlessly with existing headend and customer premise equipment

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