ARRIS AgileMax Power Supply 65VAC/DC

HFC Power Supply Module

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    ARRIS AgileMax Power Supply 65VAC/DC

    Opis produktu ARRIS AgileMax Power Supply 65VAC/DC

    The ARRIS AgileMax® Power Supply Chassis is designed for HPON™ solutions that use the AgileMax 1RU and have access to an HFC  power source. The chassis is a standard 19‐inch rack mount design that works in conjunction with a port entry module. The port entry module accepts hard line 40 to 90 VAC coax input power from the HFC node/hub or power supply and routes the power via a flexible wire pigtail output cable into the chassis’ AC input port. The chassis then converts the AC input to DC power via one or two ARRIS OM4100 power supply modules that are mounted in a cabling/distribution board, eliminating the need for an AC/DC converter. The chassis occupies 2RU and is secured using standard rack mounting hardware. End users can easily remove and reseat the chassis, if necessary.

    The OM4100 power supply modules are redundant and hot‐swappable. A single supply will provide up to twelve AgileMax 1RU  AM3200 and/or AM3217 units with 24 Vdc distribution, as well as protection against 6 kV surges. Two power supplies will load share until one supply fails, and then the remaining supply will pick up the entire load.

    • Redundant, hot‐swappable power supply modules
    • Eliminates the need for an AC/DC converter in field installations
    • Installs easily in standard rack enclosures
    • Powers up to twelve AgileMax AM3200 or AM3217 1RU units
    • Supports HFC hardline coaxial or power‐carrying optical cable powering options
    • Utilizes widely deployed, field proven OM4100 power supply modules

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