Advanced origin and packager video server for live and timeshift

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    Anevia NEA-LIVE

    Opis produktu Anevia NEA-LIVE

    Multiscreen TV - Streaming packaging - content agnostic formatting and protection (all ABR & DRM)

    NEA-LIVE product is an OTT video server designed to deploy Live and Timeshift services

    NEA-LIVE handles all the packaging, streaming necessary for the preparation and network delivery of Live channels to a range of targeted devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, according to distribution policy.

    Live TV and time-shift services can be up and running in just a few hours, ensuring the multiscreen experience for your content subscribers.

    Providing access to live channels and giving the ability to the subscribers to pause and restart a session, NEA-LIVE also offers the start-over capability within the 8 hours time-frame, buffering continuously for each channel the current live program.


    Launch broadcast-quality, low latency live and time-shifted TV services, quickly and securely

    NEA-LIVE records, packages and streams live and near-live content to any connected consumer or operator device, according to distribution policy – fast.

    Content is cached directly on NEA-LIVE so can be delivered quickly to your CDN. This improves performance, reduces latency and lowers costs by 10% because you need fewer servers.

    Just-in-Time packaging reduces needed storage and lowers bandwidth costs.

    Integrated with all major DRM solutions. Multiple streaming, subtitling and audio formats.

    Live TV and time shift services can be up and running in just a few hours, ensuring the best multiscreen experience for your content subscribers.

    Provides access to live channels and allows subscribers to pause and restart a session. NEA-LIVE also continuously buffers each current live program to offer start-over capabilities within a one hour time frame.

    Designed and widely deployed in over 100 countries, NEA-LIVE is integrated with multiple CDNs, to dynamically deliver live content adapted to the capacity of any network.

    Anevia has released a set of appliances to provide a complete, pre-integrated, best-in-class solution for the delivery of video to a wide range of managed and unmanaged devices.


    • Live TV on multiscreen
    • Timeshift / Pause TV / Start-over


    • Low latency live streaming (under 5 seconds)
    • Fast multiscreen service deployment for live channel deliveryover HTTP
    • Live and time-shifted streaming server for quality content delivery to multiple screens
    • On-Demand / On-the-Fly packaging and filtering of audio, video and subtitles
    • Encoder agnostic (EBP CableLabs)
    • Integrated with a DRM key server or DRM manually set, it protects and packages your live content
    • Single node 1+1 nodes redundancy through virtual IP

    Specyfikacja techniczna



    • Live, Pause TV, Timeshift, Start-over (4 hours buffer)
    • 4 hours nDVR capabilities

    Input Format

    • Live: Adaptive MPEG2-TS CableLabs, Microsoft Smooth Streaming
    • Up to 150 channels
    • Up to 15 tracks per channel (video / audio / text)




    AAC, EAC3, EAC3+

    Output Format

    • Multiple ABR protocols
    • Apple HLS
    • Microsoft Smooth Streaming
    • 4K and HEVC support


    • Filtering video, audio and subtitles
    • Subtitle and Close Caption passthrough or conversion
    • Input: CEA-608/708, DVB-TXT, DVB-SUB
    • Output: WebVTT, TTML, EBU-TT-D, SMPTE-TT


    • Web-based GUI
    • Monitoring (SOAP and SNMP)
    • System Alarms and logs


    • Key server integration: CPIX 0, Verimatrix VCAS, Arris Titanium, BuyDRM KeyOs, Viaccess Connected Sentinel
    • HLS standard AES
    • HLS FairPlay
    • Microsoft Smooth Streaming PlayReady
    • MPEG-DASH CENC PlayReady, Widevine and proprietary DRMs


    Up to 1,5 Gbps input and up to 6 Gbps output according to configuration and services

    Scalability and High Availability

    • Single Node
    • 1+1 redundancy (2 modes: Virtual IP, CDN based)

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