Anevia NEA-DVR

Advanced origin and packager video server for live, timeshift, startover, cutv and npvr, vod storage

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    Anevia NEA-DVR

    Opis produktu Anevia NEA-DVR


    Cloud DVR & Storage – At once record multiple programs while storing only required files

    NEA-DVR product is an OTT video server designed to deploy Live, Video-on-Demand, Catchup TV, and StartOver services.

    NEA-DVR is the state-of-the-art appliance for live and recorded live services. It provides all the features and technologies enabled by Anevia product line. NEA-DVR handles all the packaging, streaming and recording necessary for the preparation and network delivery of cloud DVR, Catch-Up TV, Timeshift, live channels to a range of targeted devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, according to distribution policy.

    NEA-DVR product is used in a cloud DVR solution as an ingest server or a playback server. As an ingest server, the NEA-DVR will store live content and as a playback server, will package and stream it to the network.

    Storage of media (Live, VoD or nPVR) is shared in the whole NEA-DVR solution. The shared storage between NEA-DVR nodes can either be a Network Attached Storage (NAS) or the Anevia Embedded Distributed Storage (EDS).

    With the Embedded Distributed Storage solution, data is shared among at least four NEA-DVR equipments, which provides High Availability in case of failure and higher streaming performance.

    The NEA-DVR server is able to manage Smooth Streaming and multi-bitrate MPEG-TS live video streams input with H.264, H.265, AAC, AC-3 and EAC-3 encoding and mobile, SD and HD resolutions. It then packages and encrypts output streams on-the-fly in ABR protocols (HLS, Smooth Streaming, HDS and MPEG-DASH).

    • Live, Timeshift (up to 8 hours), Pause
    NEA-LIVE features +

    • Catchup
    • CloudDVR
    • VoD
    • Up to 8 hours buffer
    • Standard buffer with On-the-fly nPVR
    • 1+1 redundancy
    NEA-LIVE features +

    • Infinite buffer
    • Cluster architecture
    • EDS support
    • NAS support
    • Assets extracts



    Offer the possibility of unlimited recording to your viewers, on every screen.

     With NEA-DVR, you can increase customer satisfaction and ARPU, while reducing your operational costs.

    Simplifies the integration between streaming and storage with hyper-convergent storage, EDS. Storage is embedded on servers, dividing the number of physical rack units by two. Access EDS storage seamlessly to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately, ARPU.

    Infinite Buffer streamlines asset and storage management, so you gain up to four times more capacity.

    Supports Private Copy and Shared Copy models.

    NEA-DVR handles all the packaging, streaming and recording to prepare and deliver Cloud DVR, Catch-up, Timeshift and live channels to a range of targeted devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers and set-top boxes, according to distribution policy. Subscribers can schedule their own recordings through an EPG-based or Instant-based program.

    NEA-DVR is used in a Cloud DVR solution as an ingest server, to store live content, or as a playback server, to package content and stream it to the network.

    Data is shared among at least 4 NEA-DVR servers with EDS, providing a higher streaming performance and High Availability in case of failure.

    NEA-DVR is part of the Cloud DVR solution with NEA-DVR DB which is used as the entry point for the Back Office and also as a central Database.


    • Live
    • Timeshift / Pause TV / Catch-up
    • 7 days Catch-up TV
    • VoD
    • Infinite Cloud DVR solution
    • Embedded Distributed Storage (EDS)
    • Private Copy and Shared Copy


    • Cloud DVR solution for individual EPG-based or instant-based recordings
    • Optimized Embedded Distributed Storage (EDS) for High Availability and Ingest / Playback performance
    • Origin server for Catch-up TV and VoD delivery managed by a Back Office
    • On-Demand / Just-in-Time packaging (HTTP Streaming Protocol) and filtering of audio, video and subtitles
    • Encoder agnostic (EBP CableLabs)
    • Multi-DRM to protect and package your live content
    • SCTE-35 based manifest conditioning

    Specyfikacja techniczna



    Cloud DVR, CUTV, Live, Pause TV, Timeshift, Start-over, VoD

    Input Format

    • Live: Adaptive MPEG2-TS CableLabs, Microsoft Smooth Streaming
    • Up to 150 channels
    • Up to 15 tracks per channel (video / audio / text)




    AAC, EAC3, EAC3+

    Output Format

    • Multiple ABR protocols
    • Apple HLS
    • Microsoft Smooth Streaming
    • 4K and HEVC support


    • Filtering video, audio and subtitles
    • Subtitle and Close Caption passthrough or conversion
    • Input: CEA-608/708, DVB-TXT, DVB-SUB
    • Output: WebVTT, TTML, EBU-TT-D, SMPTE-TT
    • SCTE-35 based manifest conditioning (DASH and HLS)


    • Web-based GUI
    • Monitoring (SOAP and SNMP)
    • System Alarms and logs



    • DASH (CENC Generic, CENC Widewine)
    • HLS (Verimatrix, Playready, NagraVision)
    • SS (Verimatrix, Viaccess, BuyDRM)
    • Per track encryption for HLS and DASH

    Key provisionning

    • CPIX 0 support DRM integration with fixed keys
    • Manual key
    • Interface with leading DRM providers


    • Up to 1,5 Gbps input per ingest node (or 150 channels)
    • Up to 4 Gbps output per Playout node
    • 1 NEA-DVR DB node handles up to 12 NEA-DVR nodes
    • 144 TB raw storage capacity per NEA-DVR node

    Scalability and High availability

    • Redundant ingest: 1+1 Active/Passive (Seamless Failover)
    • Load balancing playback: N+1 Actives
    • Redundant NEA-DB: 1+1 Active / Passive NEA-DB
    • Secured storage with erasure coding
    • Full Data replication

    Provisioning NEA-DVR DB

    • Unique integration point (Back Office)
    • Multiple Services Platform Contact

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