Anevia NEA-CDN

VIDEO CDN Solution. Load Balancer / Request Router Analytics

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    Anevia NEA-CDN

    Opis produktu Anevia NEA-CDN


    CDN - Optimize bandwidth to deliver video content while improving QoE and reducing latency

    The NEA-CDN product is a caching server designed to extend streaming capabilities of an OTT origin server like NEA-LIVE or NEA-DVR over managed and unmanaged network.


    Deliver low latency and broadcast-quality content, even during high viewing periods.

     NEA-CDN enables operators to build their own CDN within their existing network infrastructure. It is designed specifically for video streaming, and dramatically reduces load on the network by acting as a shield to protect origin servers from multiple requests. Combining a NEA-CDN with an Anevia origin server such as NEA-LIVE or NEA-DVR makes video delivery more efficient, especially for live and near-live TV.

    NEA-CDN optimizes network bandwidth requirements by caching user requests and content. It can be distributed geographically to cover multiple territories and can be posi- tioned close to end-users at the edge of the CDN, in a PoP (Point-of-Presence).

    When associated with a NEA-CDN Balancer, NEA-CDN handles a large amount of sessions and maximizes the output traffic and deliveries, to improve customer QoE.

    Advanced video catching algorithms, such as content awareness, improve caching efficiency and hit ratio.

    Coupled with chunk-sharing technology between Live and Cloud DVR services, content delivery performance is enhanced, and network usage optimized by up to 30%, saving you money.

    Uses Multicast ABR/LTE Broadcast technology for managed mobile and IPTV networks, so high audience streams can be played back immediately by an unlimited number of viewers, at the same time.


    • Video oriented caching server
    • Video oriented load-balancing server
    • High availability


    • Multicast ABR
    • LTE Broadcast
    • Highly scalable and elastic CDN
    • Hybrid RAM / SSD caching
    • Up to 40 Gbps output
    • Supports any adaptive streaming format: MPEG-DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming
    • Allows enhanced requests routing to the selected origin servers depending on content
    • More efficient caching dynamically applied on popular content
    • Fully optimized and compact (1RU) hardware appliance to boost perfor- mance
    • Device aware balancing

    Specyfikacja techniczna


    Supported Services

    Live, Pause TV, Start-over TV, VoD, Catch-up, Cloud DVR

    Origin Server

    • Pull mode
    • Optimized to work with Anevia origin server
    • Compatible with third party origin servers

    Caching methods

    • Reverse proxy cache
    • Round robin capabilities
    • Caching multi-origin source management
    • Caching multi-CDN management
    • Caching based on content type and max-age

    Request routing algorithms

    • Content awareness
    • Workload
    • Round robin
    • Device aware

    Request processing

    • URL transformation
    • Request filtering
    • QoS tagging


    • Web-based GUI
    • Monitoring and administration (SOAP) system alarms and logs (syslog and SNMP)


    • Up to 40 gbps for the output-3 flavors:
    • 2 TB of SSD and 256 GB of RAM
    • 6 TB of SSD and 256 GB of RAM
    • 256 GB of RAM

    Scalability and redundancy

    • Source server redundancy
    • 1+1 redundancy through virtual IP


    • 1RU
    • 2x 500 Watt
    • 6x 10Gb NIC interface
    • 4x 1Gb NIC interface
    • Intelligent platform interface (IPMI)

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