Every business requires modern solutions and investment in innovation. Technologies are key to responding effectively to market needs and meeting consumer expectations.

As digital consumers’ needs grow, the world of technological solutions is evolving dynamically. Any company or organisation must guarantee the stability and continuity of the services offered in order to qualify as a trustworthy partner. This allows it to follow the path of systematic development based on safety, accessibility and innovation.

In doing so, it needs the support of a professional partner that will help it take advantage of the technology opportunities and find the best solutions not only for current but also for future needs. As a technology hub, we address these market challenges and use the latest technologies to provide customers with added value for their business.

Your Technology Hub

A broad portfolio of solutions

We specialise in the design, implementation and integration of CyberSecurity, Networking & Communication, IT & Cloud infrastructure, Access Networks and Video Technologies.

Expertise and certified technological knowledge

The core of our activities is a good understanding of our customers’ business and broad and certified technological knowledge. Everything we have learned over many years through large and complex projects helps to adapt the services to a variety of business challenges.

Experience in project implementation for industry leaders

Our engineering teams have extensive expertise in consulting and designing solutions, based on practical knowledge gained in implementing strategic projects for the largest companies in Poland.

Partnerships with global technology providers

We work with leading global technology solution providers, which, combined with our knowledge, expertise and experience, ensures the high quality of delivered services.

Extensive technology infrastructure

We have our own technology infrastructure in the form of laboratories, service and a production area. Thanks to the extensive R&D facilities, we can test any deployment scenario before we begin to implement the project in the customer’s environment.

Company in the structures of the VECTOR Group

We are part of the Polish VECTOR Group, which has been designing and producing advanced software & hardware solutions for the world’s largest telecommunications operators for more than 30 years.

With us, you don't have to worry about:

We live in a world full of challenges and threats which come from such places as the internet. Therefore, both in technological and business terms, security has become a priority in business.

With us, you can use solutions that will ensure the continuity of your business and create a stable foundation for further growth.

In your daily relationship with us, you guarantee professionalism and a deep sense of mutual trust.

Reliability is crucial to maintaining high quality solutions. With us, you can be sure that your customers will always have full access to end services.

Thanks to us, you can take advantage of the latest global technologies and we will help you implement them in commercial conditions.

We understand accessibility also as a way of working. You are working with a partner that is focussed on your needs and is ready to work at every stage of the project.

We advise on how you can make efficient use of opportunities and, step-by-step, develop your business with cutting-edge technologies.

These innovative solutions will make your business fit for the real world and provide answers to current and future market needs.

We are pro-active. Together, we break down barriers and take up further challenges. Every day, we discover and try to take advantage of new opportunities.

Discover our solutions and see how they can support your business

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We deploy solutions to protect IT assets, networks, and applications running on them from network attacks. It is our way to ensure the stability and continuity of every business.

Get to know us better

We integrate technologies and solutions into carrier, campus, and other networks, through which we improve the performance and availability of services provided by our customers.

Get to know us better

We design, deploy, and develop a business-dedicated IT infrastructure that meets the requirements for performance, expandability, and security.

Broadband Access Networks

Broadband Access Networks

It is our response to the growing demand for bandwidth. We carry out telecommunications infrastructure projects (such as DOCSIS, GPON, HFC) to improve network performance.

Video Solutions

Video Solutions

We design and implement dedicated solutions to receive high-quality video services at any time (VOD) and on a variety of platforms (TV, tablet, smartphone).